HCG Injections News

The popularity of HCG Injections as a weight loss product is getting everyone’s attention, and so many companies have joined the craze and have launched their own products here and there. While there are a number of reputable sources available, there are also some who would take advantage of the public’s interest and make claims about their products which may not be true. As a consumer, how can you be assured that your HCG Injections indeed contain the hormone HCG?

No Hunger Effect

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The HCG Injections are to be received while you are on a low calorie diet. It is important to know what dosage of HCG you should be receiving, and you should consult your doctor on this. Once you have your dosage set and injections received, there should be no hunger pangs despite the low caloric intake. Reviews of consumers who successfully lost weight with HCG injections stated that they did not feel hungry despite eating only around 600-800 calories a day; and these are people who, when not receiving HCG injections, were used to eating 1700-2000 calories. This is because the HCG hormone taps into the body’s stored energy, or fat, giving you the energy that your usual food intake would have provided. Although your body is only eating 600-800 calories, your additional calories come in the form of stored fat, which is why weight loss is rapid while receiving the injections.

All Fat, No Muscle

The promise of HCG injections is that they allow rapid weight loss. This is achieved by the body using up stored fat, and not because of lost muscle weight. Recipients of HCG injections should work with their doctors or any competent professional who can perform hydrostatic body fast tests to see how much body fat and muscle mass they have. It is recommended that such test be done before starting the HCG injections, during, and after the program is complete to track the progress. Had the weight loss been due alone to the low calorie diet, then muscle mass should go down greatly – this is not the healthy type of weight loss as the fat remains and the muscles that also help in burning calories degenerate and weaken. If your weight loss is due to HCG, then the body fat drop should be coupled by a stable and steady muscle mass percentage. The lost weight should come from fat, and not muscle.

Positive on a pregnancy test

HCG is a pregnancy hormone that is produced by the body once the fetus is formed. HCG is responsible for feeding the growing baby using stored energy from the mother. Without HCG, the baby will not receive the proper nutrients for the pregnancy to continue. Furthermore, HCG is present in the urine of a pregnant woman, and is the primary hormone that pregnancy tests look for. Therefore, try testing out your HCG – just very small amounts, on a pregnancy test. Even a faint double line will suggest that there is HCG in your product.

Besides all these, perhaps the most effective way to test the authenticity of your HCG Injections is to check with your doctor. They can perform tests not only on the presence of the hormone in your injections, but also if the overall product is safe enough for you to use given your medical history and background.